William Thompson

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  • William Thompson, convict edited by Julia Clark.  Port Arthur: Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, 2009.
  • Sarah Island penal settlements 1822-33 and 1846-7 by Ian Brand. Launceston: Regal Publications, 1990.
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service, Tasmania
  • Convict love tokens : the leaden hearts the convicts left behind  edited by Michele Field and Timothy Millett. Kent Town, South Aust.: Wakefield Press, 1998.
  • For information on thieves cant (secret language formerly used by thieves and convicts) click here.  The following publication  may also be of interest: Convict words : language in early colonial Australia by Amanda Laugesen. South Melbourne, Vic. Oxford University Press, 2002.
  • Image of  Dogline at Eaglehawk Neck
  •  Examples of tattoos.pdf
  • Pack of thieves? : 52 Port Arthur lives by Hamish Maxwell-Stewart and Susan Hood.  Port Arthur, Tas. Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, 2001.
  • The Port Arthur coal mines, 1833-1877 by Ian Brand. Launceston, Tas. Regal Publications, 1993.
  •  Convict made shoe.pdf
  •  Shoemaking at Port Arthur.pdf
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporal punishment.
  • The Oxford history of the prison: the practice of punishment in western society edited by Norval Morris and David J. Rothman.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.